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Mystic Flutes of Native America

Melodic, romantic, mesmerizing, and mysterious; the Red Cedar Flute of the American Indian dates back in time before the coming of Columbus to America. The first known flutest appears on rock carvings throughout the Southwest United States. This colorful character with a hump on his back was known as Kokopelli and his Mystic Flute. In recent years these instruments have made a tremendous impact in today's society.

Arnold Richardson is a multi-talented artist who is an outstanding Stone Carver Indian Flute Maker, Recording Artist, and presenter of traditional Indian stories and legends. He is an orator of Indian Art and Culture in the Saponi/Tuscarora Tribe of North Carolina.

Arnold, whose traditional name is Tsa'ne Do'se, was previously contracted to Sounds of American Indian Recordings in Albuquerque, New Mexico and produced two recordings, "Moon Spirits" and Spirits of the Wind," two of the top Indian Flute recordings in the Eastern United States. His newest recording, "Sacred Cedar Hymns" has set a new standard for the American Indian Flute."Sacred Cedar Hymns" was a first in that a recording of all hymns, played by an American Indian on the Red Cedar Flute, has never been done before.

The mesmerizing music of Tsa'ne Do'se can be heard at many festivals, Pow Wows and Indian events when he travels with his mystic flutes.


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